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Chain Layering Necklaces with Crystals Unique Design - Light Chaser

Chain Layering Necklaces with Crystals Unique Design - Light Chaser

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Introducing our beautiful chain layering necklace with crystals pendants from FragGather, where stunning designs seamlessly merge with our unique design. Moreover, each chain layering necklaces tells a story of hidden allure and playful whispers. Initially, it is drawing inspiration from the enchanting dance of light and shadow from afternoon to nightfall.

Our Design Philosophy: 

With a deep understanding of the complex nature of women, we strive to capture them in every piece. Our layered chain necklace embraces both a sense of calmness and playfulness. It effortlessly conveys a powerful message through jewelry without the need for words.

Our chain layering necklaces with crystals embody elegance and simple. It is featuring delicate single chains that show your charm. Additionally, the unique design adds an element of elegance to any outfit. Meanwhile, we crafted with sleek black metal. It effortlessly blends edgy charm and darkness and light with sophisticated allure.

Furthermore, our chain layered chain necklace with crystals showcase the perfect balance between boldness and grace. Crafted in silver color, it can elevate any outfit.

Briefly, our multi layer necklace are carefully designed to capture the beauty of the night. It allows you to immerse yourself in the playful and agile character of our brand.

So go ahead, let your inner beauty shine!

  • Collection: Light Chaser
  • Style : Unique Design - Chain Layering Necklaces with Crystals Unique Design
  • Material: Gold Vermeil on Copper or Sterling Silver, High Quality Square Zirconia Stone
  • Dimension: 49 cm/19 inch length
  • Weight: 24g (Sterling Silver)/18g (Gold Vermeil on Copper)
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