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Heart Shaped Adjustable Unique Design Ring - Wave of Love - Shadow in the water

Heart Shaped Adjustable Unique Design Ring - Wave of Love - Shadow in the water

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Introducing our new collection Shadow in the Water - Wave of Love, where niche design jewelry meetstimeless romance.  Our heart shaped adjustable ring is a unique design masterpiece, perfectly symbolizing eternal love. With chain tassels, flowing three-dimensional curves, and sparkling colored gems, each piece tells a tale of romance through reflections in water.

Our Design Philosophy: 

Our collection doesn't stop at heart shaped adjustable ring.  it inspired by water reflections and our unique designs are truly special. In addition, these pieces lightly catch the eye, adding an element of intrigue to your style. When worn, it shows your love with grace.

Furthermore, explore our Wave of Love Collection, it is not only captivating heart shaped adjustable ring but also convertible princess collar necklaces and asymmetrical earrings. Meanwhile, each piece tells a tale of love, classic and contemporary elements in perfect harmony.

Our adjustable heart shaped jewelry designed to celebrate the essence of love. Therefore,from heart shaped ring to unique designs, our collection caters to those seeking an extraordinary symbol of affection. Discover the perfect ring, a true shape of love, and let your style resonate with its timeless charm.

  • Style : Unique Design -Adjustable Ring 
  • Material: Gold Vermeil on Copper
  • Size: length (18mm), wide (16mm)
  • Weight: 3.2g/ item
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