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Original Design Jewelry Mud Earrings

Original Design Jewelry Mud Earrings

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The Mud Series is a radiant celebration of childhood memories and the boundless joy of playing with mud. Each piece encapsulates raw creativity and unrefined beauty, preserving cherished moments. Vibrant hues and playful forms mirror the earth's natural pigments, capturing youthful wonder. Mindfully sourced and committed to sustainability, it gently treads upon the earth. Through this exquisite collection, wearers reconnect with their playful inner child and the innocence found in mud-play. It is a captivating ode to creativity and an invitation to explore. Let these designs transport you to the enchanting realm of childhood, preserving the magic of mud-play.

Collection: Mud

Style : Original Design -  Earrings 

Material:  Gold Vermeil on Silver

Size: 8X8 mm 

Weight: 2.4g / Pair

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