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Style Rings - Shadow in the water

Style Rings - Shadow in the water

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Design Philosophy:

Collection: Shadow in the water

The original inspiration for this collection was to present a romantic series of jewelry. The swaying chain tassels, flowing three-dimensional curves, and sparkling colored gems are all meant to evoke a sense of both stillness and motion. Through a contemplation of the hazy reflections in water, the collection attempts to convey a story of romance unfolding.

The collection also features a variety of ways to wear each piece, including the princess collar necklace, which can be disassembled into a brooch and necklace. Inspired by the interlaced reflections in water, the jewelry incorporates visual dislocation, with rings that appear tilted and distorted, but when worn on the hand, sit at the perfect angle. The asymmetrical tassels and small colored diamonds add a touch of playfulness to the slightly formal earrings.

This collection offers a mix of classic and contemporary design elements that capture the essence of romance in a unique and captivating way.

Style : Original Design - Rings

Material: Gold Vermeil on Copper 

Weight: 2.3g/item

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